About Panis

Our company

Panis Group is managed by two leading partners: Tom Panis and Stefan De Clercq. Panis Dubai is managed by Hitesh Shah, Panis Hong Kong and Panis Mauritius by Ravi Pudaruth. Our experienced team of around 100 professionals works across different specialities. Our staff is trained to offer a unique service level especially for the diamond industry. They work closely together with an extensive network of professionals in other domains to cover your every business need. You can count on our people to always put your interest first.

Our history

In support of this prosperous trade activity, the Panis family started to offer tailor-made administration solutions for the diamond industry back in 1948. They started out in the offices of Mr S. Aldewereld, helping war refugees from Eastern Europe set up businesses in the city. They also opened restitution cases for survivors of the holocaust. Most of these families are still with us today.

After 20 years of dedicated service, Mr. Aldewereld retired in 1968, leaving the company in the hands of the Panis family. Business figures steadily growing in sync with Antwerp’s rising status as a leading international diamond centre, our company was the first to provide specific business support to a new generation of diamond traders moving in from India.

Jim Hendrickx joined the company and in 1986 Panis, Hendrickx & Co was created. Stefan De Clercq joined the firm in 1998. Today Panis sustains its growth under the leadership of the third generation of Panis directors. Our continuous expansion has resulted in the opening of subsidiary offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Mauritius in order to maintain our service levels for an increasingly international clientele.

Our ethical principles

Panis conducts business with the foundation of the following Ethical Principles; they include our commitments to clients.

These principles are fully supported by the management, whom embrace them themselves. These principles constitute an essential part of Panis' corporate culture.

The professional confidentiality and the professional duty of discretion. At Panis we are careful to build a relationship based on trust by maintaining a professional level of confidentiality and duty of discretion. we are bound by a duty of discretion with regard to the information and the discussions in which we participate and shall respect the confidential nature of all the information provided to us within the scope of our duties. Our clients greatly value our commitment to confidentiality, non-disclosure and privacy and see it as one more reason to work with us and trust us. In this way we earn our clients' trust, turning transactions into valuable long-term relationships.

Integrity and honesty. At Panis we perform our duties in an honest and fair manner, any kind of bribery and corruption is condemned.

The professional approach of the Panis staff.  Long-term relationships are the cornerstone of Panis' approach. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to execute each task respectfully and with the necessary openness.

Objectivity. At any time we aim to provide a professional judgment free of conflict of interest or undue influence by others.

The involvement of employees. The Panis staff forms a strong team in which information is shared in an open manner and projects are executed collectively.

Client orientation. At Panis every action is focused towards clients' needs. All employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to assist our clients in administrative and fiscal matters.

Permanent education. To cope with the constant stream of evolving and changing laws and regulations, Panis' employees are offered the opportunity, trough focused training, to invest in the ongoing improvement of their skills and abilities.