Reporting foreign bank accounts to the Central Point of Contact (CPC) of the National Bank of Belgium

If you were holder of a foreign bank account in 2014, this must be reported to the Central Point of Contact of the National Bank of Belgium (CPC), at the latest at the time the income tax return is submitted for the assessment year 2015.

Moreover, any person who was a holder of a foreign bank account in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and who declared the existence of the foreign bank account in the income tax return of a previous assessment year, must report this account to the CPC, even if the bank account was closed in the meantime.

The following data, among others, must be communicated to the CPC:

- the IBAN number of the bank account;
- the name of the financial institution;
- the BIC code of the financial institution – if the financial institution does not have a BIC code, the financial institution's full address must also be mentioned;
- the country where the account was opened;
- the oldest taxable period during which the account existed (between 2011 and 2015) – in case a foreign bank account was opened prior to 2011, the account opening date must be mentioned as 01 January 2011;
- the date the account was closed (if any).

Declaring this foreign account can be done both in writing and electronically – using the electronic identity card and related PIN number.

In case of a declaration in writing a copy of the front and back of the identity card must always be enclosed.

Panis can report a foreign bank account to the CPC on your behalf. Please contact us for further details.