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Twee weken extra uitstel belastingaangifte / Two weeks extra to submit tax declaration

Minister van Financiën Vincent Van Peteghem verschuift de deadline voor de belastingaangifte door een boekhouder naar 30 november. Particulieren, zelfstandigen en ondernemers die hun belastingaangifte door een gespecialiseerd boekhoudkantoor laten uitvoeren krijgen twee weken extra om dat in orde te brengen. De aangifte moet nu uiterlijk op 30 november binnen zijn.

Coronalening - Corona loan PMV

We hebben net bijkomende Informatie ontvangen vanwege PMV in verband met de coronalening.

Tot onze spijt hebben we vandaag vernomen dat PMV geen leningen toekent aan traders. De aanvragen die lopende zijn, zullen dus worden stopgezet.

Het is de policy van PMV om geen leningen toe te kennen aan traders.

Corona measures: update

The Flemish government now also introduced a compensation premium for companies and independents which were not forced by the Federal guidelines to suspend their business activities partly or completely. The one-time compensation premium amounts to 3.000 EUR.

Companies and independents need to prove that the turnover for the period between 15 March 2020 and 30 April 2020 is minimum 60 per cent less than the turnover during the same period of last year.

Corona measures


The Federal and Flemish government have taken several temporary measures to financially help independents and companies during the Coronavirus crisis.

Panis can assist its clients if necessary with the application of the financial support which is explained below.  Companies who are not client of Panis we suggest to contact their accountant.

1. Guaranteed income for company directors and independents

Corona virus: extensions for tax declarations and payment of taxes

The Belgian government has taken additional measures for companies and independents to soften the financial consequences of the corona virus. Panis lists them below:

1/ Payment of VAT and withholding taxes on salaries

- the payment date is automatically extended with a period of 2 months without penalties and interests.

- the extension applies to the following VAT declarations:

(Steun-)maatregelen in het kader van de coronacrisis

Federale maatregelen

Op federaal niveau zijn heel wat maatregelen getroffen voor ondernemingen die getroffen zijn door de coronacrisis. De meeste informatie is te vinden op we website van de overheid Hieronder zetten we nogmaals en voor alle duidelijkheid alle maatregelen nog eens op een rijtje.

1. Fiscale schulden en btw

New office hours due to Corona virus

In view of the rapidly changing circumstances due to the measures regarding the Corona virus, we have decided to restrict the opening hours of our office from 9 AM until 1 PM every working day to bring your papers, this as from Wednesday 18th March 2020 until 3rd April 2020.  Our staff remains available by telephone (each one on his/her extension) and by e-mail.  

We will keep you updated in case of any changes.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you and your family good health.

AWDC best practices guide

Panis strongly recommends every diamond company to read and apply the principles laid down in the “Best practice guide for the Belgian diamond industry”, drafted by AWDC and endorsed by the Federal Public Service Economy.

These guidelines detail the specific requirements for consignments, sales of diamonds and payments, and also contain a template of common business documents.

It also includes a template of the new aforesaid “destination document”.

The guide is available in Dutch and English, and can be found on the following website:

Ask your client to sign a destination document for intra-community sales

Intracommunity deliveries of goods are principally free of VAT. Two substantive conditions are added in order for intra-community deliveries to be zero-rated: the recipient must have a correct VAT number, and, the transaction must be reported correctly on the recapitulative statement. If one of these conditions is not met, the suppliers will be liable for the payment of VAT.

Keep a register to record consignments

A company must keep a register to record all incoming and outgoing consignments.

The register must allow one to follow-up in detail all local and foreign consignments.

For each registered consignment a company must be able to prove if the consignment was followed by a final sales, a final purchase or a return of the consignment – or prove that the consignment remains still open in case there was no movement.

Every change in the consignment has to be recorded chronologically, with the corresponding amounts and quantities (carats).