Do I have to cancel my registration as a Belgian resident to be shareholder and/or manager of a foreign company?

If you are shareholder and/or manager of a company abroad, you are not obliged to cancel your registration in the Belgian population register. You have to comply, inter alia, with the following conditions;

The foreign company should have the necessary substance:

1. the effective centre of management is abroad: the actual performance of the activity requires: an office, means of communication, computer  infrastructure, ... Based on income and costs, you can prove that there is an economic activity.
2. the day-to-day management, controlling the operational performance, has to be located abroad.
3. the annual meetings have to be held in the country where the company's registered office is located. Of course, costs are incurred as a result of this and there is evidence of minutes prepared abroad.
4.the accounts have to be kept at the registered office of the foreign company.

The activities may not be an identical prolongation of the activities in Belgium.