AML controls & training

Dear customers,

Last year different anti-money laundering controls were carried out in the diamond industry.

This week and the next few weeks a number of thorough controls will follow to check whether the anti-money laundering legislation is correctly applied by diamond dealers. In case of a possible control you will be notified in time by the competent authorities.

Last year Panis informed you already about the planned controls and organised group training on anti-money laundering legislation.

Because the planned controls verify the application of the anti-money laundering legislation in a very broad sense, we offer personalised training sessions tailor-made to your needs and assist you also to prepare for the control and during the control itself. We will be pleased to check with you which support you need.

Contacts with public services suggest that the controls will take place systematically at the seat of the company concerned. During the control all relevant documents should therefore be available. If we keep them for you you should request them in time.

For the time being we foresee two group training sessions in our offices with 8 participants each:

Tuesday 21 January 2014, at 2pm
Friday 24 January 2014, at 2pm

Fee: € 195 (excl. VAT) per paticipant.

Benefit from a 10% discount by confirming your participation before 14/01/2014.

Given the short timespan during which the controls are to be carried out, we kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible whether you wish to register for group training.

Finally, we want to remind you that attending anti-money laundering courses internally or externally is required by law.

Please feel free to contact us should you need further information.