75 years of excellence in accountancy and financial services.

Whatever your problem is, we are your forward-thinking partner in finding the solution.

Our Firm

Panis Group is owned by Tom Panis and Stefan De Clercq.

Our team consists of reliable professionals with different areas of expertise. For expertise that falls outside the scope of our core business, we rely on our highly qualified network.

We vigorously invest in building long-term relationships with our employees and our clients. Integrity, discretion and trust are core to us.

Our employees have an inside-out understanding of their clients‘ activities. We believe that this is a prerequisite for providing services with a genuine added value.

Our History

Mrs. Panis started working in the offices of Mr. S. Aldewereld in 1948, helping war refugees from Eastern Europe setting up their businesses in the city of Antwerp, as well as opening restitution cases for survivors of the Holocaust. Mr. Aldewereld retired in 1968 and left the firm in the hands of the Panis family.

We are grateful that most of these early stage clients and/or their decendants are still part of our loyal customer base to-date and have been joined by many others.

Building long-term relationships with our clients and our staff based on mutual trust has always been and will always remain our number one priority. It helps us to grow and diversify at all levels: the clients we serve, the staff we rely on, the services we provide and the sectors we operate in.

Panis‘ continuous expansion resulted in the opening of a subsidiary office in Dubai in 2009. Thanks to its professionalism and innovative approach, Panis is proudly able to sustain its growth through referral only.