Panis Team Day at Habbekrats vzw

A couple of months ago, we spent our Panis team day at the Antwerp “Overkop Huis” of Habbekrats VZW. An organization that supports youths aged eight to eighteen years old, who are victims of structural deprivation, exclusion and emotional stress, by offering them real opportunities to participate in society, increase their resilience and combat or eradicate mechanisms of deprivation. Its methodology combines educational tools with a holistic human approach and social involvement.

We took the team day as an opportunity to announce our decision to structurally support Habbekrats VZW to our employees, and to introduce them to the warm homes-away-from-home Habbekrats has created for 30 years in various Belgian cities to support vulnerable children.

Supporting Habbekrats VZW makes us proud, grateful and hopeful. Proud that we, as a firm, can participate in something as precious as the future of children. Grateful that we have the means to do so and the employees whose helping hands are already actively involved as we speak. Hopeful that we may inspire others to do the same.